Wednesday, May 30, 2007
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Dangerous Blogging Mentalities

First off, let me put out a disclaimer. This is merely my opinion only. You may agree or disagree with me. You may argue with me or try to convince me otherwise, you're pretty much welcome to it. I may even be convinced, no problem. That's what blogging is about. And that's what I love about it.

I'm becoming increasingly afraid of the direction blogging is going. As you have known, I entered into the world of blogging (I really hate the word "blogosphere," sorry) for personal reasons and a chance to practice my writing. But some, have other intentions. You notice the symptoms:

1. The "keyword" mentality

Yes, I know a lot of people do make their living off blogging (and living well, if I may add, judging from the toys they have acquired) and I do not want to deprive them of their means to feed their family, or to buy their toys.

But do you really have to sacrifice valid, credible and quotable content for the sake of sneaking in those crucial SEO keywords you would get from Google Zeitgeist? Sound too much of a compromise to me.

Sorry, I still believe that while you may get hits for "keyword blogging," credible, readable and entertaining content will maintain those hits, and maintain the revenue stream. (And for me personally, the revenue is secondary, maybe because I still have a day job).

2. The MLM mentality

For those of your who do not know, "MLM" stands for multi-level marketing.

I feel that the Philippine Blogging Scene has shades of this. The first one to bring in the concept of links gets to be on the top of the pyramid and all blogs here funnel all their links to it, and a piece of all the revenue from all the blog's "downlines."

There's really nothing wrong with this, really. But again, it does not matter what kind of blog that top one is. The search engines simply judge this an "important" blog and hence puts it on the top of the food chain. And that's wrong on multiple levels.

3. The "clique" mentality

I've met a lot of these people, both online and offline (never mind their names because I may hurt their "feelings," but then again, I think they don't care anyway). Does not matter what kind of blogger we are when we meet them, they're simply snooty and elitist (for me, the ones I hate the most, well not the most, at least they're snooty and elitist up front. It's the "plastics" that I hate the most).

But we exist and you owe some of your revenue from us little guys. You are on the top of the foodchain because of the links we give you.

So give at least the time of day and not treat us as organisms lower that paramecia. Like it or not, you owe us.

But make no mistake, I met a lot of wonderful, friendly and credible people behind the blogs and I still welcome the chance to meet all kinds of people I meet on the net. I'm not referring to them, of course.

4. The "journalist" mentality

Yes, I know bloggers are getting more and more respect and are increasingly shaping public opinion. But I tend to agree with Adel Gabot on this one (read the latest Mobile Philippines issue). Bloggers are not journalists. And blogs are not columns or print articles. We have to know our place.

Yes, I know the old "anti-journalist" argument of bloggers of being beholden to the higher ups or higher interests. But just the same, I don't believe anything I find on the net. And so should you.

Well, that's it. Again, feel free to disagree. But discussions are always helpful.

3 Objection(s):

At 6:30 AM, Blogger the philosphical bastard said...

this post is heaven sent as i have been trying to point out thesame issues on my blog drop series.

i will have to disagree with #4 though because i think the only thing that separates journalists from bloggers is that journalists get paid to do what they do (and they're better on subject-verb agreement). but that's just me.

nice article.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Punzi said...

Thanks. But Gabot's article (sorry I could not find an online copy, and maybe that was intentional) took pains to make other distinctions between bloggers and journalists, which I agree to and sometimes, big-time bloggers refuse to acknowledge.

Thanks for visiting.

At 2:13 AM, Anonymous jayvee f. said...

i took double edged sword approach on this. i released a podcast with a reputable publicist at my show. it illustrates the clamor of bloggers to become journalists - and how this can be resolved. but i also wrote a piece that showed the other side of blogging - that at the end of the day, bloggers are still different from journalists.

whats actually more interesting is trying to figure out what to do if you are a blogger AND a journalist.


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