Thursday, February 12, 2009
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Contemplating an Upgrade

Well I'm really enjoying the power Olivia delivers and of course, I like the fact that she's still new.

So for yesterday, after reporting to my government consultancy, I decided to go around the nearby mall where I park when I go there.

Looked around for a new LCD TV. Thought about getting one for my office (the TV in my office belongs to the office and may be retrieved to a common room anytime). Maybe when I earn some more money I could get one. I chose Olivia over a new TV because I always think it should be business first before pleasure. The good stuff will come soon enough. But first I have to work for it.

Next, I thought about upgrading Olivia's hard drive from its present 250 Gb to 500 Gb. It turns out, Olivia's hard drive is user-swappable and as easily accessible as her battery. So I acquired a hard drive for just that.

Had second thoughts, though. Olivia is still under warranty and I may do something in the process of swapping hard drives to void it. Besides, I can always put the 500 Gb drive in a drive casing and use it as an external drive. And since that bigger drive will do less work, I can always swap it for Olivia's present drive once it conks out.

So what I'm doing now is transfering the contents of my existing 500 Gb external drive to this new one. That old one has FAT32 filing system and I would like to repartition it to OS X. That way, I avoid the 4Gb per singe file limitation of FAT32. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have some single files more than 4Gb. Also, this may improve the performance of my old external 500 Gb drive.

Anyway, that drive only has about 60Gb free and it is almost full. It was nevertheless time to increase capacity. Because of sheer total size of the files I have to transfer, it will take at least 6 hours to transfer from the old to the new and the same time to the other way (after a repartition).

So while that is going on, I think, I'll catch up on some needed sleep. I'll attend to this transfer in the morning (when the sun is already up).

So if you'll excuse me, I think I'll turn in. Tune in to what happens to this conteplated upgrade once I ultimately decide what to do.

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