Friday, June 18, 2010
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Have you every tried to have someone notice you for so long, and when that day finally arrived, you get noticed for the wrong reason?

That happened to me last night.

I have admired Gang T. Badoy since pre-Ondoy days for her fresh and "refreshing" outlook on things. But what she did during Ondoy has become the stuff of legends. And she have not run out of fresh ideas, especially during the past 2010 National Elections.

These days, I have been following her radio show, RockEd Radio, especially when she took on a law school friend, Atty. Adel Tamao, as a co-host. I particularly like how light they treat topics of national interest. It was entertaining enough to be a break from the heavy stuff we encounter everyday. Plus of course, a second cousin of mine works as a disc jockey for that FM station.

She was a counterpoint to Manolo Quezon's scholarly treatment of issues. And they complemented each other. And I follow them both whenever I can. 

I have tweeted her occasionally during these shows ever since but she never replied.

Until yesterday.

Her guest was Len Bautista-Horn, the outgoing President's staunch defender. My expectation was, given their offbeat take on topics before, the show would not be heavy and/or it would tackle the personal side of such guest.

But then Sec. Bautista was made to defend her boss. Little did I know Sec. Bautista-Horn agreed to this coming into the interview. 

Had a bad day and was really looking forward to being entertained. But then the panel really pounced on the guest and made me remember how glad I was that the current administration was ending.

The discussion became too heavy and bloody. That was not what I was looking for last night.

So I tweeted Gang to tell her to go easy on her and/or just talk about her guest's personal side. As usual, I thought that would be one of those unnoticed tweets.

She, however, noticed and replied to my tweet. But not in a good way. She said I better just tune out if I did not like the topic.

That took my by surprise, I have to admit. At first, that irritated me, because, as I have said, I had a bad day and the one time I got noticed was for the wrong reason.

Fortunately, I still had the composure not to snap back and just calmly explain where I was coming from. She understood and we ended up apologizing to each other.

Suffice it to say that had I failed to exercise restraint, my day would have ended much worse. And to be fair to her guest, I have to say, people have literally died trying to defend and justify the outgoing administration. The fact that her guest survived can already count as a success.

Anyway, all is well now. But I really had to tune out of last night's show. I was not looking to end my day that way.

Hopefully, next week's show will be better for me. 

Am still a fan.

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