Tuesday, October 31, 2006
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Happy Halloween!

I don't know how this "Trick o' Treatin'" became popular here but it's sure a good way to get candy...

Self Declared Holiday

I hereby declare this day a holiday!

That's one of the perks of solo practice.

But with the day I had yesterday, you wouldn't blame me.

I thought I would have relaxed day yesterday. But I was wrong.

I ended up with more a 12 hour day. Spent a full day at my consultancy because of "problems." Then I had to meet a friend (with his wife) who treated me to dinner at Gateway (thanks, man!).

Finally, had to attend a wake of a friend's father. But when I got home, there was still work waiting for me... and I finished it at around 10:00 p.m.

Now, I have to make some solicitation letter for my best friend... and then there's trick o' treatin' time later tonight...

Monday, October 30, 2006
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Bed Weather... again

At the back of my mind, I knew I already used "bed weather" as a title of a blog entry. Good thing I checked.

It may be storming heavily up in the north (where I go periodically, where my cousin and my friends are, where I go to a hearing) and the power, they say has been knocked off. I hope there are alright.

But here, it's mainly rain... and bed weather.

It's really a good time to rest, especially for me, so I can build up my strength since I'm coming from a flu and now a severe cough.

I hope I can postpone my appointments for today, though. These are just mostly check payments to banks, anyway. But maybe the weather ceases to become bed and I get enough rest to go out. Or if my mother lets me...

Wait a minute! My dad's going out so I'll probably go out as well... that "rest" may be the one that gets postponed...

See you later...

Sunday, October 29, 2006
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Gearing up

Candies... check!

Digicams... charged!

Costumes... check!

Car... gassed!

Hold on to your horses, parents! It's trick or treating time again!

For us, fun for the kids starts today at 2:30 p.m. Then again on Tuesday night...

Bea and Nico are celebrating, particularly Bea because her quarterlies ended yesterday. She celebrated by surfing the net for hours...

I'm feeling better now. But I'm developing a nasty cough such that I wheeze when I breathe. I'm resorting to nebulization a little latter....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And for those on vacation, have a nice week.

I'll post pictures later... if I have the time.

Saturday, October 28, 2006
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You have arrived, my friend...

I could not paste the video here. So just click on this link...

The line "95% of my classmates are now motorcycle drivers..." really got me...

Congratulations, my friend. You have arrived. Just don't forget us if you need lawyers...

You can visit his site at http://www.yugatech.com (as if you don't know...)

Friday, October 27, 2006
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A plug...

This is an article written by co-workers of my best friend, to seek financial assistance on his behalf. While I intend to recirculate this to my own network of friends and colleagues, maybe one of you can help as well:

Last October 12, 2006, one of our lawyers, Jason Christopher R. Co, (36 years old) had a myocardial infarction, more commonly known as heart attack. The attack was severe enough to confine him at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at the Davao Doctors’ Hospital for four (4) days. He was finally released from the hospital on October 20, after the doctors managed the attack.

The next step after managing the attack is to make “repairs” on the heart. Jason will be undergoing an angiogram operation sometime in early November to find out the extent of damage. Thereafter, he will be undergoing bypass surgery in order to ensure that the blood flow in and out of his heart is unobstructed, despite the clogged arteries.

As friends and colleagues of Jason, we seek your help.

Without any help from family, friends and colleagues, there is no way that Jason will have the angiogram and the bypass surgery.

Despite having a growing family with three (3) young children, Jason has unselfishly dedicated his life to developmental lawyering, finding his calling in the latter. He has been working at our NGO, SALIGAN, for the past ten (10) years, starting out as a legal researcher while still a law student. When he graduated and passed the bar in 2000, he continued to work as a developmental lawyer in SALIGAN, despite the many opportunities for more lucrative jobs elsewhere.

Most of the 10 years of his work was devoted to the urban poor, providing legal literacy, representation in courts and quasi-judicial bodies, doing research and developing materials, and lobbying for pro-poor policies in decision-making bodies such as Congress
and local sanggunians.

In early 2005, Jason brought his family to Davao City, where he continued to work with the Mindanao Branch of SALIGAN, as well as with the Homeless Peoples Federation of the Philippines (HPFP).

For those of us who believe that another world is possible because of people like Jason who relentlessly work for the empowerment of the poor and marginalized, let us take this occasion not only as a opportunity to support a friend and a comrade, but also that dream for a more just and peaceful world.

We hope you can pray with us for the improvement of Jason’s health. We also welcome financial and other forms of support. Needless to say, the relatively meager income that Jason derives as an NGO worker is not sufficient for him to rake in savings, even for something as basic as his health.

The bypass operation is estimated to cost P500,000.00, and the angiogram, P50,000.00, definitely beyond the means of a development worker... We therefore implore you for support by any means.

Please help us allow Atty. Jason Co to extend his life so he can continue to enhance others'. Just contact me if you can extend any form of assistance.

Still not well...

Got out to some sort of normal work schedule but still not feeling well.

But I had to get out to do some errands and report to my consultancy today for most of the day.

Managed to pull through and now, I'm paying the price. I may relapse...

But I watched something on TV that ticked me off. It was a news report that hospital owners warning its patrons of some crime syndicate taking advantage of the situation to steal stuff in their rooms or fool them into giving doctor's fees to impostors.

The unfinished point of that report implies that these hospitals, by issuing these warnings, will wash its hands off any liability if the hospital patrons are victimized.

That's plain dumb. These patrons naturally cannot think straight as they are in a dire medical situation. Hence, it is really up to these hospitals to be vigilant for them. It is the responsibility of these hospitals to provide adequate security in their premises to protect these people.

They cannot wash themselves with this warning. And they won't get away with if they tried to.

It will not be well for them if they tried...

Thursday, October 26, 2006
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OMG! A Fire!

Just trying to take a nap just now when all of a sudden... an explosion.

It turns out, these negligent construction workers over at the next door dropped an acetylene tank, causing a fire in the site.

I think the fire's out now, but then the firetrucks came (fashionably late... I suppose). We're alright but the fumes are not to be taken lightly.

Oh well, the contractor probably needs to treat these firemen to merienda now... There are at least two fire engines here. They'll probably scour the site just to "make sure."

Got the better of me

Finally, the flu got the better of me yesterday.

I had a scheduled meeting with my consultancy that morning which started two hours late because of one commissioner never bothering to keep track of time. Hence, that meeting was postponed to next week.

But I had an emergency meeting with my now-controversial client for lunch that went on until 5:00 p.m. I still had to go to a mass for my best friend over at the Ateneo High School Chapel at 7:00 p.m. followed by another meeting of my high school classmates...

But it started to happen. First, my stomach gave out, probably because of the meds I was taking, forcing me to go home for a while. But I couldn't leave afterwards. Ran into a high fever and I think some delirium because I shouted something when my mom woke me up for a phone call.

I must have fallen asleep as I was reading the Supreme Court decision on the people's initiative. I haven't finished reading it yet, for obvious reasons.

So I did not attend that last appointment thanks to that bout.

But then it became better. Started sweating profusely and felt relief. Slept better afterwards.

Right now, I'm still feeling feeble and weak. But I did manage to bring Bea to school and I'm still blogging.

Anyway, I'll get some more rest. I have to fetch Bea 11:00 a.m.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
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I'll try to translate this later... just look through the cheesy telenovela/special ABS-CBN produced and backgrounds this song. But the song and lyrics are great.

Maging Akin Muli
(by Arnel Aquino, SJ)

Manlamig man sa Akin puso mong maramdamin
Lisanin man ng tuwa puso mong namamanglaw
Manginig man sa takot masindakin mong puso
Mag-ulap man sa lungkot diwa mong mapag-imbot.

Kapiling mo Akong laging naghihintay sa tanging tawag mo.
Pag-ibig Kong ito isang pananabik sa puso Ko
Sa ‘yong pagbabalik sa piling Kong puspos ng pagsuyo
Manahimik at makinig ka’t maging Akin muli.

Di mo rin akalain tinig mo’y hanap Ko rin,
Ang ‘yong tuwa at sakit, Aking galak at pait.
Kung lingid pa sa iyo, Aking pakikiloob,
Tuklasin mong totoo: tunay mong pagkatao.

Kapiling mo Akong laging naghihintay sa tanging tawag mo.
Pag-ibig Kong ito isang pananabik sa puso Ko.
Sa ‘yong pagbabalik sa piling Kong puspos ng pag - suyo,
Manahimik at makinig ka’t maging Akin muli.

Still fighting

Well, I'm still fighting this flu, if you want to know. But I'm feeling better now than a few days ago.

I haven't heard news from my best friend because I was in no condition yesterday to inquire. But I guess, he's still fighting. But I hope not too much it might strain him.

My two busy clients are still fighting. Despite my condition yesterday, I had to draft two fighting letters for them...

I can also say this regarding current events. Some people are still fighting although the battle appears to be lost.

Let's not loose hope. Let's all struggle to find our places.

Let's keep fighting.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
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My schedule yesterday

5:00 am Woke Up
5:45 am Headed for Antipolo
6:45 am Arrived @ Antipolo
7:45 am Woke up from a short nap
8:00 am Met client
8:30 am Went to court with client for hearing
9:45 am Judge arrived
10:45 am My case finally heard. Opposing counsel asked for postponement
11:00 am Had the new car blessed. (Already there in Antipolo anyway...)
12:00 noon Arrived at my aunt's house for lunch
1:00 pm Left my aunt's house
2:10 pm Fetched Bea from school
2:45 pm Got back home, surfed the web, checked email, reviewed Bea for quarterlies, etc.
4:00 pm Went out of the house for meeting
4:30 pm Arrived at meeting venue
6:00 pm Meeting started
10:00 pm Meeting ended
10:30 pm Got back home
11:00 pm Surfed the web, answered email, etc.
12:00 am Still doing some stuff for government consultancy
1:00 am Tried to sleep but running a little warm (been fighting the flu for two days...)
3:00 am Still blogging... got to catch some Zzzzzsss. Set to bring the car to shop today...

Monday, October 23, 2006
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One short...

A beer short of a six pack
A brick short of a load
A couple of eggs shy of a dozen
A couple of gallons short of a full tank
A few ants short of a picnic
A few beers short of a six-pack
A few bricks short of a pile
A few bricks short of a wall
A few cards short of a deck
A few clowns short of a circus.
A few feathers short of a whole duck
A few peas short of a casserole
A few tomatoes short of a good thick sauce
A few trucks short of a convoy
A fortune cookie short of a Chinese dinner
A pepperoni short of a pizza
A sandwich short of a picnic
A slice short of a full loaf
A spark short of a fire
A taco short of a combo plate
A gallon short of a full tank
A feather short of a whole bird
A balloon short of a bunch
A note short of a song

Sunday, October 22, 2006
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How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place

How lovely is Your dwelling place
O, Lord, mighty God, Lord of all.

Even the lowly sparrow finds a home for her brood,
and the swallow, a nest for herself
where she may lay her young
in Your altars, my King and my God. (REFRAIN)

Blessed are they whose dwelling is Your own, Lord of peace.
Blest are they refreshed by springs and by rain
when dryness daunts and scathes.
Behold my Shield, my King and my God. (REFRAIN)

I would forsake a thousand other days anywhere
if I could spend one day in Your courts,
belong to You alone.
My strength are You alone,
my Glory, my King and my God. (REFRAIN)

How lovely, Your dwelling place
O, Lord, mighty God, Lord of all.

A struggle

Why is life such a constant struggle?

When it be a time for breaks or rests or enjoyment?

These thoughts came to me as we met yesterday with some high school friends to discuss some fund raising activites to help my best friend's medical dilemma.

My best friend never, I think, never got a break in his life. He came from a broken family. He had hepatitis during high school that almost stopped him from graduating with us. He just made a deal that if he passes the final exams, he could graduate. Fortunately, he did.

He had love problems throughout his college/law school days since he always fell for women on the rebound (coming from a break-up).

He flunked out of his original law school but finished his studies while working.

He took the bar exams twice.

He was never financially secure, as he chose to practice alternative law (the one the does not pay much). And he's the sole breadwinner to a wife and three small kids.

Now, he's in a precarious position where he may loose his earning capacity due to his current health, or worse...

When will his break come? When will his struggle be over?

Sometimes, I feel I'm so blessed and lucky, even if I have a ton of problems of my own.

Well, at least that's one thing to be thankful for.

And let's all hope for the best... for everyone...

Saturday, October 21, 2006
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I'm developing a cough, that's the development. I'm also feeling tired and my body is aching. Hope it's not the flu...

My high school classmates are set to meet again this weekend for brainstorming on how to raise funds for my best friend's medical condition. Hope I have the strength to attend. It appears he will be needing by pass surgery but still want an opinion (3rd or 4th) on that. I know bypass surgery should be the last resort and these things come with a ten-year warranty. I just hope having it at his age (he's about a year older) will be an exemption.

Also, things are still not dying down over both my government consultancy and my now-controversial client. There is still a lot to do over these two fronts.

Add to that a hearing in Antipolo on Monday (to which I wake us especially early in the morning and takes out more than half my day...), I should be resting now instead of blogging about it. Thank God for the holiday on Tuesday (more accurately, thank Allah...)

But why am I still in front of my computer? Habit, I guess.

Have a good weekend. I hope to come up with another installment on my law school days if I have the time...

Friday, October 20, 2006
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No rest...

When I though I could finally rest last night, my cousin came to the house to have his spyware-infested laptop fixed. They were so latched on that I still could not fix it. I'm seriously thinking of formatting his hard drive...

When I thought I could finally rest today as I declared a day off, my mother asked me to drive her to lunch with my aunts. Then, I played the role of driver today, even fetching Bea from school this afternoon.

When I finally thought I could rest tonight, new and worse problems in my government consultancy may force me to work this weekend... Now, I'm still doing research.

Add to that Bea's quarterlies next week...

Have a happy weekend! Well, at least there's choir tomorrow...

Thursday, October 19, 2006
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PCUP Chair Exonerated

Here's something you won't pick up in the news because it's "not newsworthy."

In a resolution dated 04 October 2006, the Office of the President dismissed the complaint of anomalous solicitations and failure to observe rules of accounting and disbursements of public funds against Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor Chair and CEO Percival C. Chavez.

The Office of the President agreed with the findings and recommendation of the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission to dismiss the complaint filed by fellow PCUP Commissioner Mohamad Isa Perfecto Vergel de Dios for his failure to substantiate his allegations against Chavez.

"Mere allegation is neither equivalent to proof nor evidence," the Office of the President said. "Absent, as here, of relevant and competent incriminating evidence, respondent Chavez is entitled to presumption of regularity in the performance of his official functions."

Chavez feels vindicated by the resolution and vows to continue his untiring service to the urban poor sector of this country.

Quality of intelligence...

Instead on focusing on people for allegedly wearing their military uniform incorrectly, why not focus your efforts on officers who allegedly plundered the military coffers for much needed funds to defend our country?

The bandwagon effect will come back to haunt you someday.

Smelling the roses

I was so busy this past few days that I did not notice that the days (and nights) are getting colder...

Until now. And you know what that means...

Just finishing up on some more work and unwinding with some surfing and TV. Hopefully things will plateau tomorrow unless there's some more work over at my consultancy.

Contributed some money to my best friend's hospital fund. It's a small amount (more of a token) so I wish I could give him more. Actually, I wish I could pay for all his needs... I hope something big comes up.

In the meantime, I better rest now. I'll blog some more later...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
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Another one

Actually, I'm not complaining because someone said it's better to have a lot of work than no work at all.

Things are stepping up for both my government consultancy and my now-controversial client at the same time which means I juggle a commute from the two SM malls in EDSA. It's tiring but hey, it's a living and again I'm not complaining.

And yesterday, I did manage to follow-up on all my pending cases in Quezon City and file the manifestation (that the girl is not visiting her children, hence no need to review the arrangements) in my custody case while I'm at it. Even bumped into an old friend who fed me breakfast.

I did manage to get in a good night's sleep, thanks to the massage I managed to sneak in yesterday... that thing worked wonders for me, given the stress levels I was in (and still in).

Anyway, today's agenda will be another meeting in SM Megamall the off to the Senate for some "lobbying." I'll probably be online during my lunch meeting because the place we go to has WiFi.

I love to comment on recent events or even give a blog lecture on preventive suspension, but I don't have the time. Maybe tomorrow...

I'm having a lot of trouble with Firefox 2.0 release candidate versions. It's hanging up on me all the time. So I'll probably use Camino first.

Wish me luck...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
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Just finishing

Would you believe I just finished my work for the day?

I attended two meetings, showed up at my consultancy, counseled two clients on the telephone, drafted a memorandum of agreement, two deeds of sale and a board resolution, did some research for a client, prepared and printed a pleading for filing tomorrow, found time to repair a nephew's computer (a PC... cough! cough!) and now making this blog entry.

It's not as if I will not be busy tomorrow... I have a pleading in the morning and tons to follow up in court. Plus I have a Supreme Court matter to attend to in thw wings.

Then, try to squeeze in some time to attend to the fund raising for my best friend's medical support fund...

So I guess I better turn this computer off and get some rest...

Good night... or should I say... good morning...

Monday, October 16, 2006
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The week that is to come...

Nothing much in the agenda this week.

A few meetings, a hearing tomorrow on my brother-in-law's case (pro bono, of course), probably some documentation work and some filing of pleadings.

Most crucial, however, is the setting up of an account to give financial assistance to my best friend's medical needs. I do hope I find the time to attend to that. A lot of our high school, college and law school friends have banded together and help. That's heartwarming.

But I do hope this week will be way better the last.

Paying for the Sins of the Few

We better get used to it. At least, I'm getting there because I have a lot of experience.

When I was in law school, we were paying for the sins of our teachers. And in a skewed-up world I was then, we hated our teachers for being absent or for giving us free cuts.


Because no matter how much or how little we cover the subject matter, the coverage of the test will still be the entire thing. And ultimately, no matter how much or how little our teachers prepared us, the coverage of the bar exams will still be the same.

So we just dug deep and filled in the gaps ourselves. In the end, we are all to blame and we pay for all our sins, not just of the few.

Don't worry, they'll get what's coming to them someday...

But that was law school and not real life.

Wait a minute! This likewise applies to life.

Our society is paying for the sins of the few. Look around you. Majority of the people are poor because of the greed of the few. A lot of broken homes and promises because of the lust of the few. A lot of hurt because of the pride of a few.

What can we do? Perhaps, dig down deep also and fill in the gaps ourselves...

Sunday, October 15, 2006
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The week that was...

Since I was out of town for most of the week and out of the loop, I'll just give a recap of my week at week's end.

Monday, 09 October 2006

Anyway, I woke up early to be at our meeting place (before going to the airport) where someone will actually take us to the airport. We arrived at Bohol at around 10:00 a.m., only to find out how horrible our conditions will be for the week ahead.

We were 14 in a room designed only for half that. And instead of having double deck beds, that place (that I will not mention for fear of unwarranted publicity) elected to use pull up beds. Just imagine the lack of space to move around or even get dressed. Oh, the bathroom was designed to accomodate only 4 persons at a time...

It was so crowded that I slept beside my stuff (my bags, laptop and other equipment) on the bed. Add to that the mosquitos and we got ourselves into the worst accomodations I ever experienced in my life.

Add to that the worst food... unbefitting the beauty of the place we went. That place should be condemned for putting Bohol to shame.

And then add the grueling work ahead and I got one of the worst travel experiences I ever had.

And that's just the first day...

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Despite the poor conditions, we got to work as professionals. Yesterday, we broke off about two hours behind schedule, leaving us little time for rest and recreation.

During the middle of the day, the legal department (where I was) was fed up and left to explore the city. We ended up going to its two malls and getting decent Chinese food (actually, very good and very fresh Chinese food) on the way back to our place.

Again, the session ended two hours behind schedule.

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

It was time to produce the output. And unlike the first two days where we did not have anything to do, we had to provide the legal framework for the output.

Doing that lacking a lot of materials and under time pressure proved to be difficult. But being professionals, we did out part.

Sessions officially ended this day with an awarding ceremony and some socials. As part of our presentation, we rendered a song "Kanlungan" by Noel Cabangon. Of course, I played the flute and since they didn't know I had this hidden talent, they were sufficiently impressed.

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Had the city tour where I took pictures for my slideshow...

And the rest you know already...because I was back in Manila about Friday noon...

Saturday, October 14, 2006
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In the hustle and bustle of my recent trip out of town, I forgot that “the girl” montly scheduled visit was last Sunday. I even went out that day and completely forgot about it.

It’s quite alright because apparently, she forgot all about it, too.

Anyway, it’s time for another manifestation in court.

So let's start the slide show...

As promised, after enough sleep, here are some pics from my 5-day stay in Tagbilaran City, Bohol: My picture of the Sandugo shrine, commemorating the blood compact between Datu Sikatuna and Spannish Conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. I took the photo from the tour bus, because I did not want to get swamped with hawkers and I had a bad back at the time.

Here's the altar of the Baclayon Church, Bohol's oldest one...

Followed by a river cruise at the Loboc River...

Then off to see the tarsiers. Didn't know these were a psychotic bunch...

A trip to Bohol is not complete without going to the Chocolate Hills.

And of course, Panglao. Haaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Unfortunately, didn't get a chance to take a dip.

I'll blog about the work I did perhaps tomorrow. In the meantine, I didn't know I had something to do today, so I'm off to the errands...

Friday, October 13, 2006
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Another Friday the 13th

Never really like these types of days. But of course, luck is what we make of it.

Anyway, apart from my own concerns, I got a call from my best friend's wife (the one in Davao) and she told me her husband supposedly suffered his second heart attack in a span of a few weeks. He's out of intensive care now and in stable condition. But he has to have an angiography and on a worst case scenario, a bypass.

Although he's a lawyer, too, his practice is what we call "alternative lawyering." This simply means he chose to serve the marginalized sectors of society, particularly the urban poor. So he and his family is financially ill-prepared for this.

How I wish I had sufficient funds to help him. If it were up to me and my finances allow, I'd take care of him and his family. That's the least I can do for him.

I'll blog about my Bohol adventure later...

I'm Baaaaaaack!

I'll post a little later on the details, but I just got back from Bohol. I'm kind of in a rush to fetch Bea from school so I'll catch you later...

Sunday, October 08, 2006
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So here I am just a few hours away from going to Bohol.

I will be out for the rest of the workweek (though I'll probably be here by Friday morning). There may not be net access there by they did ask us to bring our laptops.

Anyway, let's hope next week will be fruitful and productive, in more ways than one.

I was really salivating this afternoon over a Macbook. They even had it at zero interest. And I even had my hands on it for a test drive.... Man! That's fast!

I really hope I can afford it one of these days...

Here's to a good week to us all.

Saturday, October 07, 2006
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Getting set

First of all, Nico's third birthday "party" went well. It was a very small gathering, with only his immediate cousins and some neighborhood kids.

Of course, I declared a holiday and took Nico to the mall. We rented one of those "Little Tykes" strollers and he enjoyed it very much. And we didn't have to carry or tote him around that much. Plus, we had some place to put the stuff we bought for him. That was good for all of us, especially his nanny.

Oh, he enjoyed his little party, too, mostly because his gifts were mostly toys. Somebody donated the pasta, so all I had to produce were the drinks and the barbeque. The cake was courtesy of his grandfather. His guests had a blast as well.

His one and only godfather sent a text message over all my phones to greet him and apologized as he could not attend due to work. Curiously, his mother did not even bother to send anything (not even just one crummy message that wouldn't cost her more than a cigarette stick). I know, some people will have theories about this and about my mentioning it in this entry. But personally, that's a good thing. The more she forgets (and neglects) her children, the better and two levels. First, all the more of my children for me. Second, I don't get to deal with her at all anymore.

Anyway, we're getting set later on to go back to the mall (because Bea had school yesterday and we had to return the defective toy I bought).

I'm likewise getting set to travel to Bohol on a junket... ehem... convention (where I guess I won't do anything). Have to buy a belt bag to hold my traveling stuff.

And where the h377 is our cable TV? It's been out since yesterday...

Have a happy weekend, though.

Friday, October 06, 2006
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Nico's 3rd Birthday Letter

Dearest Nico,

I can't believe a year has passed so quickly. And I can't believe how much you have grown. One minute, I was just cradling you in my arms (in one arm, even). In another, you're already running around, leaving utter chaos.

Likewise, I couldn't believe a year has passed without major incident, especially regarding your health. You are growing into a perfectly healthy boy, unlike your sister at your age as we often find ourselves in a doctor's clinic or a hospital emergency room then. I thank God for that.

Again, I like to wish you a Happy 3rd Birthday. I'm sorry I could not provide you with the things and the support I wish I could. It's very difficult to be a single parent, even with the support of your family. I wish I could make it up to you and Bea somehow.

I want you to know that I have kept my promise to you and Bea. And I will always be there for both of you and you can always count on me when everyone else has failed you. Again, Bea and I love you very much.

Love forever,

Thursday, October 05, 2006
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On the mark

Collection efforts were on the mark. It will be enough to tide us over for this month at the very least. And considering this month's expenses (Nico's birthday, which is tomorrow so expect another birthday letter to him, the second half of Bea's tuition fees, and mounting debt servicing), I say these efforts were very successful. And I'm very pleased.

I took the car out for a much longer distance today than Bea's school because I got the license plates yesterday. Took it through EDSA until the Greenhills area to run some errands. Considering its small engine displacement, it performed well against the other cars of the road (thanks to the 7-speed automatic and manual modes).

But it really is a small car. And though beautiful, it so small it does not qualify as a "babe magnet."

But that's alright with me. Not using the car for that purpose, anyway. We bought that car, first and foremost, for fuel economy.

We want a family car to replace our other car next time.

That's it for now... Tune in tomorrow, it's Nico's third birthday.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
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Still a mad rush...

Recent events (like the storm) sent me a flurry of work. If you have been reading this blog long enough, you know that a particular client of mine has a lot of problems right now.

Of course, more work means more pay, eventually. But really, seriously, they're just honest folks just trying to make a living, merely tainted by a few, money hungry suckers who probably cut corners and now got what they deserved. Bad thing though, the innocent (and the public) is paying along with them.

Honestly, I don't believe these people (my clients in particular) did not wake up one particular morning and decided or committed to kill or injure people and causing disturbances. Again, they're honest people trying to make a living. I don't know about the ones I don't represent, though. These are just a series of unfortunate events for them. Oh, they'll pay up for sure (as this is part of the business and the risks they got themselves into). But I think the focus on them is already too much and too one-sided.

And some even have the audacity to work the media on their spin without disclosing what they were doing was illegal in the first place. They don't know what's coming to them. Wait a minute, with the tons of money they are spending on public relations, they should know what's coming to them at the very least.

If the government is serious about this new found effort for public safety, these companies should be the first to be scrutinized and put in line. Otherwise, just throw away this effort because they're just being hypocrites. (Oh, you know that the government is benefiting from these?...)

Of course, attorney-client privilege prevents me from saying more. But the ones I'm talking about are not my clients, anyway.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
This day in history from:

Reading between the lines...

Since the Office of the Ombudsman has cleared all the responsible officers of criminal and administrative charges for the botched-up automation mess, it has likewise decided to hold God responsible and file the appropriate charges against Him with the Sandiganbayan.

It reasons, "If God did not create the world, that Mega Pacific would never have gone awry."

To the argument that Sandiganbayan has no jurisdiction over God, the Office of the Ombudsman argues that God and his duties and functions fall squarely within the definition of public servant.

No bail was recommended.

But I like to see the Court Sheriff (Bailiff) enforce that.

(Disclaimer: Of course, you know this is parody news...)

Monday, October 02, 2006
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How to spot a fatty

Here's a good tip I picked up recently.

You see women with sexy bodies. But they're also good in hiding some of their flab in strategic places. So how do you know if the beauty you're beholding is not just faking it without waiting for the morning after?

Simple: look at the arms.

For no matter how hard they try to hide their flab with ingenious techniques like girdles, body lifts and strategic dressing, they can't hide their arms. The flab there is a dead giveaway.

But if you're like me who prefer the chubby types (and I say this only from the point of pure attraction), they'll just get demerits for being insincere, which in my book is already a red flag to stay away.

Hope this helps.

Uncertain Smile

Sorry for the consecutive '80s posts...
Just reliving my younger days...

Uncertain Smile
The The

Peeling the skin back from my eyes, I felt suprised
that the time on the clock was the time I usually retired
to the place where I cleared my head of you;
but just for today, i think I'll lie here and dream of you.

I've got you under my skin where the rain can't get in,
but if the sweat pours out, just shout I'll try to SWIM AND pull you out.

A howling wind blows the litter as the rain flows,
As street lamps pour orange colored shapes through your window,
a broken soul stares from a pair of watering eyes,
uncertain emotions force an uncertain smile...

I've got you under my skin where the rain can't get in,
but if the sweat pours out, just shout I'll try to swim and pull you out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006
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By Dolly Parton
(as performed by Strawberry Switchblade)

Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Im begging of you please dont take my man
Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Please dont take him just because you can
Your beauty is beyond compare
With flaming locks of auburn hair
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your voice is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you, jolene

He talks about you in his sleep
Theres nothing I can do to keep
From crying when he calls your name, jolene

And I can easily understand
How you could easily take my man
But you dont know what he means to me, jolene

Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Im begging of you please dont take my man
Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Please dont take him just because you can

You could have your choice of men
But I could never love again
Hes the only one for me, jolene

I had to have this talk with you
My happiness depends on you
And whatever you decide to do, jolene

Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Im begging of you please dont take my man
Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Please dont take him even though you can
Jolene, jolene

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Side Prayers

Lord Jesus,
Teach me to be generous,
Teach me to serve You as You deserve
To give and not to count the cost,
To fight and not to heed the wounds,
To toil and not to seek for rest,
To labor and not to ask for reward,
except that of knowing
That I do Your Holy Will. Amen

May every word I speak be from Your Truth...
I ask come from Your Wisdom...
May every case I handle receive Your Guidance...
May every heart, every life I touch, feel Your Love.

And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying,
"Oh, that You would bless me indeed,
and enlarge my territory,
that Your Hand be with me,
that You would keep me from evil,
that I may not cause pain."

So God granted him what he requested.

Side Oath

The Lawyer's Oath
I do solemnly swear that
I will maintain allegiance to
the Republic of the Philippines,
I will support its Constitution
and obey the laws as well as
the legal orders of the
duly constituted authorities therein;
I will do no falsehood,
nor consent to the doing of any in court;
I will not wittingly or willingly
promote or sue any groundless,
false or unlawful suit,
nor give aid nor consent to the same;
I will delay no man for money or malice,
and will conduct myself as a lawyer
according to the best of my knowledge
and discretion with all good fidelity
as well to the courts as to my clients;
and I impose upon myself this voluntary obligation
without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion.
So help me God.

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