Sunday, May 04, 2008
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I rarely write to rant over specific incidents but I feel I have to today because it totally ruined my day yesterday.

Also, I have to rant because people here have been always been taught never to complain about sub-par products or services and just not make a fuss. People here have been taught not to assert their consumer rights for the sake of smooth interpersonal relationships.

But I will not tolerate such kind of treatment any longer, even at the risk of ruffling a few feathers.

Anyway, we had booked the car with a nearby big (and expensive) car dealership for a "pick-up" service appointment on Saturday, that is, someone will pick up the car (for an extra fee, I like to add) and take to their dealership to be serviced and then deliver it to the house. That was a Tuesday.

Little did I know they called my mom up Friday night to say something came up and no one can pick up the car yesterday. My mom, not knowing any better and for the sake of smooth interpersonal relationships, agreed and said I will be the one who will take the car to the shop.

She did this not knowing that I had work to do for a big case we have next week.

So just imagine the fit my mom had when I had to decline to take the car to their expensive shop yesterday.

Anyway, I could not take that sitting down. I had to call them and give a piece of my mind about their sub-standard service.

First, it was obviously a bump-off. This big dealership cannot possibly have only one person to perform this "pick-up" service. So it was just a matter of them deciding who to bump-off and decline their service for that day.

Why did they decide to reneg on their obligation to us and not to others? What was the reason they choose us? Is it because we just had a small car and they had to give way to a big customer?

But we booked on a Tuesday. Shouldn't the bump-off pecking order be based on the time of booking and not the car being booked or the money to be spent by the customer?

And why call on a Friday night when you already have no choice but to agree?

Second, if they believe in customer satisfaction, they should have found ways to fulfill ALL their commitments and not bother their customers with their internal problems in the first place. From my viewpoint, we are paying customers and we demand the service our hard-earned money deserves.

There should not be a bump-off pecking order to begin with.

And we don't deserve to be bumped off. No one does, for that matter.

Third, for the life of me, I could not find their telephone numbers using regular means. They had a lot of dead phone numbers strewn over the phonebooks and the internet and it took me some time to find the person who I gave a piece of my mind.

She explained that the person who was supposed to get our car went on emergency leave. Again, for the reasons I stated above, I'm not taking their unsatisfactory reasons any longer and I may even consider writing a letter to the appropriate authorities to complain.

Customer satisfaction should be their top priority. Not excuses. They should honor their commitments in any case and not even consider the possibility of bumping off anyone.

So there. I do hope you do the same when confronted when sub-standard products and services. We should assert our rights. That's what we deserve for our hard-earned money.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend.

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