Thursday, January 01, 2009
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Gadget List into 2009

It's already a tradition for me to update my gadget list at the beginning of the year. This year is no exception.

And it has been another banner year for me insofar as gadgets are concerned, with a lot of major acquisitions. So here it is (again, the ones with an asterix I acquired in 2008):

Nokia© E90 (now my main phone)* with:
Kingmax 2Gb Micro SD card*
various cases*

Nokia© 9500 (now holds my PLDT Landline Sim, on temporary loan to the office) with:

Muse 512 Mb MMC
Brando Aluminum Hard Case
Capdase Leather Case
Extra Xpress-on cover
Kingcom Bluetooth headset

Nokia© N80 Internet Edition with 1Gb MiniSD memory

Nokia© 3220 (yes, I now have 4 active phones, but may reduce it to two this year)

Panasonic© A100 tri-band phone (still working but I chose to discontinue its line, back in my possession)

A WiFi local area network with DSL Internet Connection consisting of the following:

1. HP© iPaq© 2210 with the following accessories:

Muse 128 MB SD Card
Astone 256 MB SD Card
Billionton CF Modem with PC Card adapter
Ambicom CF WiFi [802.11b] Card
AVL 128 MB CF Card
Extra Li-on Battery

2. Apple© MacBook© "Scarlett" [Intel Core Duo 2.0 Mhz, 2 Gb RAM, upgraded from 1 Gb, 250Gb Hard Drive*, upgraded from 120 Gb, 8X Superdrive], and upgraded to 10.5 OSX ("Leopard") with the following accessories:

500 Gb Iomega USB 2.0 external hard disk
Two (2) 60Gb external hard disks
Ridata 4 GB Flashdisk
Logitech V450 Laser Cordless Mouse
Aten USB 2.0 Hi-speed 4-port hub
Iomega USB Floppy Disk Drive
Belkin MacBook Sleeve
Samsonite Sahora Laptop Backpack (medium)
Crumpler Hee-goer Notebook Bag
RadTech Notebook ScreenSavrz
Cable lock
MacBook Keyboard Shield
Mini DV to VGA Cable

3. Acer© Travelmate 506DX, "Amber" [Celeron 433 Mhz, 160 Mb RAM, 8 Gb Hard Drive, 24X CD-ROM Drive], currently loaned to a friend

4. Dell© Vostro 200 Desktop Computer*, (no codename) [Intel Core2Duo 1.6Ghz, 1 Gb RAM, 160 Gb Hard Drive] with:

Aten© USB 1.1 4-port Hub
Edimax© USB 802.11g dongle
Acer© Scan Prisa 620p Scanner
Canon© i320 Printer
Canon© MP450 All-in-one Printer*
Canon© BJC-2665 Printer

5. Apple© iMac G5, "Lindsay," [1.6 Ghz, 768 Mb RAM upgraded from 256 Mb RAM, with Combo Drive, 80 Mb hard drive with Mighty Mouse and a 4-port USB 2.0 Hub, external boxed Shuttle DVD-R/RW, and Mandy's 40Gb Hard Drive in a generic HD USB 2.0 Box]

6. Sony© Vaio© laptop*, (no codename) [Intel Core2Duo 1.8 Ghz, 2Gb, with DVD-R Drive, 200 Mb hard drive]

7. Linksys© WRT54G wireless router with 5 additional 10baseT lan ports (upgraded to larger antennae)

Korg© X5D Keyboard Synthesizer with accessories:

Damper and expression pedals
Alesis© RA-100 Monitor Amplifier
Two (2) Alesis© Monitor One Speakers
Roland© KC-100 Keyboard Amplifier
Two [2] Fender© California Instrument Cables
Yamaha© UX16 USB MIDI interface cable to connect the Macs to the synth
Two [2] Korg© PCIF MIDI cables to connect X5D with Duron Desktop and the laptops

Canon© EOS
© 450D DLSR camera* w/ PQI 8 GB SDHC card©, Battery Grip BG-E5* and additional battery with the following lenses:

50mm f/1.8 II (main prime lens)*
18-55mm, f/4-5.6 kit lens*
55-250mm, f/4-5.6 (zoom lens)*
UV and CPL Filters*

additional memory cards:

Patriot 2 GB SD card*
© 2 GB SD card*

a generic tripod, a monopod and some generic desk tripods*
© small camera bag* and Lowepro© medium lens case*

Canon© Powershot
© A420 w/ 16 MB MMC card and Powershot© A620 included with the following additional memory cards:
Ridata 64 MB CF card
AVL 128 MB CF cards
Two (2) Portable SD/MMC card readers
Ridata 256 (66x) SD Card
Nokia MiniSD 512 Mb card (with SD adapter)
PQI 1Gb Flashdrive

Samsung 7.1 MP S730 Digicam*

Generic Wireless Headphones

Sansui© 32" LCD TV with Sansui Home Theater System* (upgraded to a Pioneer
© Home Theater System with optical in and optical out ports)

Sony© Wega 43" projection TV [HDTV ready] with Sony DVD home theater system

Sony© Wega 25" with subwoofer

Sony© Playstation 3©* with:

One Sixaxis wireless game controller
One DualShock 3 wireless game controller*
Bluetooth Blu-ray© Remote Control
PS2 Card Reader
Generic Keyboard and Mouse
Upgraded to 120Gb Hard Drive from 60Gb
Several Blu-ray© Games and Movies*
HDMI Connection to Sansui LCD TV
Optical Connection through Monster© Cables to Pioneer Home Theater System

Sony© Playstation 2© with:

Two controllers
8 MB memory card
S-video component A/V cable [with guncon port]
Component Video A/V cable connection to Sansui© LCD TV
Hais© wireless Gun Controller
Dragonplus© PS2 2.4 Ghz wireless controller
Cosmo Interactive© PS2 800 Mhz wireless controller
Tons of games

Sony© PlayStation Portable 3000 series with UMD games, 1 and 4 Gb Memory Stick Duo and a UMD movie*
Nintendo© Gameboy Advance
Nintendo© Gameboy Micro
Nintendo© DS Lite

Two [2] Motorola© T5100 FRS radios

Armstrong© 104 silver-plated flute

Yamaha© YFL-221 silver-plated flute

Yamaha© YFL-471 sterling silver intermediate flute with French (open) keys*

Fernando Alto Saxophone
Fernando Soprano Saxophone
© YCL-250 Clarinet*

Apple© iPod© 5G, 80Gb [White] with:

Case Logic 3-in-1 neoprene carrying case
Pivot silicon OAD skin
Sumajin Smartwraps
Griffin Ear Jams
Sennheiser MX 250 headphones
Altec Lansing InMotion neckphones
Wireless FM transmitter
replacement A/V cables
61+Gb of content [music, photos and videos]*
Jabra BT 620S Bluetooth (wireless) headset with iPod adapter
Sennheiser PX100 (White) headphones
iPod© Radio Remote
Bose© Soundock
iPod© Camera Connector

Apple© iPod© Nano 2G*, 8Gb [Green]

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