Monday, February 16, 2009
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My Office(s)

I started out with a better office than some of my batchmates. As a matter of fact, one of the things that attracted me there was the beauty of that law office.

Unlike some of my batchmates that got cubicles, I got a real office that offered me privacy. Though small (it only had space for the desk and the chair, with little pacing room), I got a window view. Never mind the view was the Amorsolo Creek.

When I resigned from the Makati law office life, I got a decent office, albeit encased in glass. I was the only lawyer there (I was in-house counsel for a realty company) and I felt I was in an aquarium, with everyone staring at me for a year.

Then when I went to solo practice, I got a small desk in my father's architectural office. But I mostly worked from home. And for this I used that L-shaped desked I used during law school in what used to be Bea's room. Since solo practice means bearing with a spartan atmosphere and equipment, that set-up suited me fine.

Then I got into government. When I was chief legal of a big government company, I got a big office. It had it's own living space and conference table, apart from my big desk. The only problem is, it is old, from the furniture to the actual space.

Since leaving government employment and into consultancy, I was not particular about having an office, or even a desk of my own for that matter. I used to work mostly from home, with my only workspace, wherever I sit down in front of a computer.

Then, I joined a law office again. But I was also not particular about a personal office space. I used to have a small desk in a small corner with a window view of Music 21. But then again, I did not use that space all the time. I still worked from home.

Then, we moved into a big office. And I got again another big office with a big view.

But this time, I'm in charge of populating it with the things I need to work there.

I figured I needed only a few things there to start working comfortably:

1. A decent desk
2. A decent computer
3. A decent TV (because I work with it on, as background noise)
4. A decent chair.

The rest were optional.

But since moving in to that office with the desk I had in our old place, I managed to get the stuff I needed:

1. They had a big desk made for me, that doubles as a conference table that could be comfortably used by six people. Then I still have a small desk that I can use when I don't need a big desk.
2. I managed to acquire Olivia, more than a decent computer.
3. I managed to get my old LCD TV to my office today. And as it turns out, that TV is still pretty decent. Also, they managed to fit out my component system to the shelving today.
4. The seat I acquired will be delivered tomorrow.

So finally, I can turn in some decent work there. Sure, I'll still work from the house, because I'm still very comfortable there. But now, I have a second space, a more or less permanent office, where I can turn out more than a decent day's work.

Yes, I know, my office still some needs some work like decent wallpaper and a cabinet for spare clothes. But that would come eventually.

So for now, I have an office. And I look forward to stay there in comfort and put in decent work for years to come.

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