Tuesday, October 07, 2008
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Birthday and Rebirth

I dedicated most of the weekend and yesterday to two things.

The first is obvious. Yesterday was Nico's birthday so we concentrated on his birthday stuff and his two parties yesterday. Did not work yesterday so I can concentrate on Nico's birthday yesterday.

He had the first party at school. For a party with his classmates, it was pretty manageable, mainly because he only had five classmates. His teacher had all of them line up to become Nico's candles, that he blew out one by one. I then fed them with take-out from a famous fast food joint. Then on to the candle blowing and that was that. Only took around thirty minutes because that party had to happen only on recess.

We then had the second a few hours later with Nico's cousins and some of his neighborhood friends. Nothing much, except for the eating. Traditional pork barbeque and spaghetti. Then on to the opening of his gift, which is the highlight of his day.

And during the time, I was also engaged in Scarlett's rebirth. You see, Scarlett suffered a massive and catastrophic hard disk failure Sunday morning. I should have been wary of the symptoms. But I thought that was just Scarlett showing her age.

Also, that 120 Gb Hitachi hard disk was just a little less than two years old. I never though that would suffer such a catastrophic failure this early.

Since Scarlett is my main work computer, I had to scramble to find a replacement hard drive. I found a relatively cheap one at 250 Gb after some phone calls, but I had to rush to an out-of-the-way mall to get it. I say relatively because it is the same price as the old one, for the same price.

And I replaced it myself.

Then came the restoration process, that only ended now. Had so much stuff to install. Leopard alone took half a day, but I made a partition error so I had to install the OS twice. Then the rest of the installs took me all night, particularly, the restoration of my iTunes library. Fortunately, I kept that one in my external 500 Gb hard drive. But it took such a long time out of sheer volume that I actually slept through that one.

That ordeal is now practically over. I still have some stuff to reinstall but I'll do that when the need for that particular software arises. I just kept the installs to the essentials, those that are essential for me to work.

At least for now, Scarlett has a new lease on life and I can work on her again. And the good thing about this is her storage capacity has more than doubled. And actually, I was already eyeing a bigger hard drive for her anyway.

And now, I have a new paperweight, though I'm still playing around with the old hard drive to see if it can still be salvaged.

Now, it's back to work...

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